<Frequently Asked Questions / Usage Policy>

* Before using music, check to see if it has a Free BGM mark on it!

Where can I find the Free BGM marks for Pinkaide Relaxing Music?

- You can find them on the thumbnail images of Youtube. Also, Free BGM is displayed on the video titles. 


Can I use Pinkaide Relaxing Music in my videos on YouTube or Twitch?

- Yes. Pinkaide Relaxing Music is free to use for independent creators!
- All we ask is that you credit Pinkaide Relaxing Music when using music.



Can I use all music in Pinkaide Relaxing Music Channel for free?

Yes. All music marked with Free BGM is free to use.

Is it allowed to make a profit from my videos using Pinkaide Relaxing Music?

- If you leave a source, yes. (Song titles / provide by Pinkaide Relaxing Music / put a link to our upload in your videos)


Will I get a copyright claim or strike if I use an Pinkaide Relaxing Music track in my YouTube video?

-No. Pinkaide Relaxing Music provides Free BGM for independent creators.
-It can be used freely according to < Content Type Policy > such as independent creators, gaming Youtubers, Mukbang.


I received a copyright claim when using Pinkaide Relaxing Music.

- Youtube's Content ID system is close to perfect, but sometimes it's malfunction. If you have used the Free BGM of Pinkaide Relaxing Music properly, it is likely that it is a false claim. Please let us know about the matter at music@pinkaide.com and we will check it.


Is it possible to play Pinkaide Relaxing Music on my livestream?

-Yes. If this is a livestream of yourself as an independent creator, Pinkaide Relaxing Music can be used as background music in line with our usage policy.
-If this livestream has the sole purpose of playing music, it is not allowed.



Is it available on the music channel?

-No, Free BGM from Pinkaide Relaxing Music is a service that supports independent creators such as gamers, makeup artists, product reviewers, and artists. Since Pinkaide Relaxing Music is also a record company, it is highly likely that if you use music only, you will get a copyright claim.

Can I distribute Pinkaide Relaxing Music as a remix / cover or sell it commercially?

-No. Pinkaide Relaxing Music owns the copyright to all music and specific permission is required.
-Free BGM in Pinkaide Relaxing Music cannot be distributed to any music store.


I am a game creator, uploading both Youtube and Twich. Can I use Pinkaide Relaxing Music?

-Yes. You are an independent creator. Please check out < Content Type Policy >.


Can I use Pinkaide Relaxing Music on another flatform such as Instagram / Facebook / Twitter?

-If you leave a source, yes. However, Pinkaide Relaxing Music does not have any responsibility for your videos. Please check out< Content Type Policy >.


I work as a planner at the company. Can I use Pinkaide Relaxing Music in my presentations?

-Yes. You are an independent creator. It can be used if it is not commercial.

Can I use Pinkaide Relaxing Music in a promotional video for my Product / Service / Commercial brand?

-Pinkaide Relaxing Music used in commercial content (content that solely promotes or advertises a Product or Service) requires a Commercial License Agreement to be signed and a License fee to be paid before an Pinkaide Relaxing Music can be used in this way. To request a Commercial License, please email us: music@pinkaide.com

※ All of the music on the free license also has copyright. All music is the property of PINKAIDE.